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Signal is the simple and intuitive application for iPhone and Android devices that lets you find your nearest wireless Internet hotspot, with a guarantee that it will be free and reliable.

Signal's database comprises of over 30,000 hotspots, all stored locally on your device. Every day this number grows, using data from Foursquare, local businesses and even other Signal users, all who can contribute to what we hope will be the world's largest database of free wireless hotspots.

Smart and always current

Signal will always download just the new and altered hotspots, making sure you have the most accurate and expansive collection of wireless Internet venues available while using minimal cellular data.

21st century methods

Signal uses platforms such as Foursquare to gain knowledge of new hotspots, making sure to harness the full power of the connected and social world.

Filter it out

Signal lets you filter out the venues you don't want, so you can find your nearest cafe, library, train terminal that can also get you connected.

Personally contribute

Trying to build the world's largest hotspot database isn't easy, so you can contribute your favourite place to get connected within Signal for iPhone or Android

About Signal

Signal was designed to make the process of finding a wireless Internet hotspot as easy as it could possibly be across a range of devices. Our overall aim is to have the world's largest database of totally free wireless hotspots, with this data being instantly accessible even when you're offline. Even before we launched we had over 30,000 hotspots, and we hope this number will dramatically increase.

Hotspots are collected through a number of different sources. However, they all revolve around the location data that users supply though the applications. When you open Signal it contacts the server to make sure that the app has the most up-to-date database for venues around that location. This location is then stripped of any identifying factors for privacy reasons (including rounding this location to be only accurate to within a few kilometres), then this is stored for hotspot discovery. Hotspots are discovered using the following methods:
- Users can submit them using the application
- Foursquare tips are searched for the possibility of that venue having free wifi, with Foursquare searches occurring around the coordinates that we know Signal users are travelling by
- Existing local databases are searched and added to our "master" database

The purpose of charging for Signal is to make sure that our running costs can be met at all times, and not having to rely on equity finance or venture capitol to continue operations. We want Signal to just have one single owner making all the decisions, not a board with clashing points of view.

Please contact us for information on licensing any of the available data for your platform or project.

The Team

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Signal 1.0

Released on 10/10/11
  • Initial version

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